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Learn to think like an adjudicator

During April 2014 we’re hosting workshops in Edinburgh and Glasgow to help teach letting agents how to avoid issues over the return of the deposit and to be more successful at dealing with formal disputes.


What are the workshops about?

At the end of the tenancy, if you and the tenant can’t agree over your proposed deductions to the deposit and negotiation fails, then we offer a free and impartial alternative dispute resolution service to resolve the issue.


The onus of proof is on you

Whatever the reason for making a deposit deduction, the important thing to remember is you must provide evidence to support your claim. The law states that the deposit should be returned to your tenant in full unless you can provide evidence as why you need to make a deduction.


Introductory course on Evidence and Adjudications

Tenancy deposit protection was launched in July 2012, so the dispute resolution process is still fairly new to many landlords and agents. In order to support you, we are hosting more of our educational workshops in Scotland, the first of which are planned for April 2014.

As an experienced provider of deposit protection, we’ve seen a lot of rather good and bad practice and, unfortunately, in some cases we see agents lose disputes because they weren’t necessarily aware of what they were required to do. 


What will you learn?

The Introductory course on Evidence and Adjudications is an informative hands-on session that will help you to understand what you need to do in order to evidence the deposit claims you make, and you’ll be able to see first-hand how an adjudicator reaches a decision by dealing with an example dispute case study.

The workshops, which also counts towards CPD hours, will:

  • Address the most common dispute issues
  • Identify reasons why agents lose disputes and suggest effective ways to avoid them
  • Provide examples of what evidence to submit to help support a claim to the tenancy deposit
  • Contain comprehensive case studies of real life disputes, allowing agents to judge for themselves
  • Include advice and tips for compiling inventories
  • Cover guidance on defining what constitutes ‘fair’ wear and tear.


Book now

So if you’ve never experienced a deposit dispute or if you’re looking for more insight on how to be successful then get along to one of our workshops.  100% of agents attending our workshops in England & Wales who had no previous experience of disputes rated the sessions as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’  and would recommend it to others.

The first two planned workshops will be taking place in Edinburgh and Glasgow in April 2014 and are free to attend).

Edinburgh – Wednesday 9th April, 1-4pm

Glasgow – Thursday 10th April, 10-1pm

For further information or to book a place visit our events area of the website.