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Landlord Documents

Name of document Description
User registration form Complete this form to join mydeposits Scotland. Free to register.
Terms and Conditions - 3rd Edition  An updated version of the mydeposits Scotland Terms and conditions which all users must agree to abide by. 
Summary of Changes 
A summary of important changes to the previous Terms and Conditions - 2nd Edition.
Conditions of Deposit Disputes
A new document designed to guide Users and Tenants through the dispute process.
Bulk deposit importer template You can use this form to add all the tenancy details for the bulk importer.
Using the bulk deposit importer Find out how to use our bulk deposit importer to add multiple deposits into your User account quickly and easily.
Joint and Several Tenancy Agreements If you issue a Joint and Several Tenancy Agreement.
Regulation 42(f) Template Once the deposit has been successfully lodged, the User must provide the tenant with proof of the deposit protection (Deposit Protection Certificate) and also information that outlines the circumstances for any possible deposit deductions (regulation 42(f)). To support you we have devised this template for you to complete and meet your obligations. 
About Deposit Protection -  Regulation 41 (Information for Tenants) This leaflet should also be given to your tenant with the Deposit Protection Certificate and the information that outlines the circumstances for any possible deductions. 
Terms and Conditions - 2nd Edition The 2nd edition of the Terms and Conditions which Users must abide by.
Terms and Conditions - 1st Edition  The previous version of the Terms and Conditions.