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Name of guide Description
Dispute Case Study - Frozen Pipes An example of a dispute over the deposit where the landlord is claiming for damage as a result of frozen pipes.
Rules of Claiming for Deposit Deductions  A 12 page guide providing an overview of how to claim in a dispute over deductions to the deposit at the end of the tenancy.
Negotiating with your Tenants  Our latest feature guide provides handy tips to ensure that your end of tenancy negotiations run smoothly and you minimise the risk of a deposit dispute.
Check-in and Check-out Guidance
A comprehensive guide containing some of the key consideration for collating robust dispute evidence throughout the tenancy.
5 tips for Letting to Students 
Tim Frome, Head of Legal Services offers his best practice advice for letting to student tenants, including clauses you may wish to include in the tenancy agreement.
Using photos and video as evidence  Tips for ensuring your photo and video evidence is relevant and robust in the event of a dispute with your tenants.
What to include in your Tenancy Agreement
A new guide for landlords and agents outlining key terms to include in your agreements.
Understanding Damp and Mould  Essential tips for landlords and tenants to help combat damp and mould growth in rental properties. Including advice on how to treat existing growth.
Letting to Tenants with Pets - Best practice guide
Helpful best practice guidance for landlords who let to tenants with pets. This guide contains useful tips which include checking the deeds for restrictions and giving permission to your tenants in writing. Also see 'Reasonably Worded Pet Clauses' guide.
Reasonably Worded Pet Clauses
In addition to our best practice guide we have also provided some helpful tips for wording pet clauses to ensure they are reasonable and fair, whilst covering the important essentials.
Overview of deposit protection Essential reading on the key facts of deposit protection.
How to comply with the legislation
In addition to lodging the deposit you must also pass your tenant key information about the deposit protection.
How to lodge a deposit This leaflet explains how Users can lodge deposits with mydeposits Scotland for free.
Preparing for disputes The key evidence you require for dispute resolution.
Tenancy information for deposit protection You need to provide certain information about the tenancy to lodge a deposit.
Key deadline dates for deposit submission There are different dates for when the deposit must be lodged with us for protection.
Deposit release process A quick return of the deposit at the end of the tenancy is vital. This leaflet shows our simple process.
Using the correct bank details  Avoid any unnecessary delays in the return of the deposit by reading our 5 tips for providing the correct bank details.
Dispute Resolution Process This guide explains how the mydeposits Scotland dispute resolution process works.
What is Fair Wear and Tear? Defining fair wear and tear can be different, find out more.
Different Tenancy Agreements This guide explains the differences of Regulated Tenancy, Short Assured Tenancy and an Assured Tenancy.
Charges in Tenancy Agreements 
Explaining charges in tenancy agreements, and what is considered reasonable and unreasonable under Scottish law.
The Ins and Outs of Inventories guide 
Containing a wide range of tips and expert advice, this free guide covers some key of the considerations when creating a robust inventory. 
The Landlord Lifecycle Handbook  This comprehensive guide covers the essential considerations for letting a property as a landlord, perfectly complementing our brand new Landlord Lifecycle video which features experienced landlord Richard Blanco.
How to claim for smells
Proving a smell exists is very difficult especially when it comes to providing evidence for a deposit dispute. Find out more about how to claim for smells in your property.
Alternative Dispute Resolution - Landlord User Guide A guide explaining the mydeposits Scotland ADR service for landlords.
A Guide to Deposits, Disputes and Damages An insight into dispute resolution for landlords, letting agents and tenants.