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mydeposits Scotland comment on Scottish Government's announcement on deposit ptotection

Commenting on the Scottish Government’s announcement about tenancy deposit protection (TDP), Eddie Hooker, CEO of my|deposits Scotland said:


“Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) legislation will play an increasingly important role in raising standards in the Scottish rental market and improving the quality of service for tenants who rely on the private rented sector for their housing needs.


“It’s encouraging that landlords have already deposited  such as considerable amount of their tenants’ money with the schemes, however this only represents approximately a third of the overall estimated rental deposit pool in Scotland.


“It’s important that landlords and agents continue to lodge their tenant’s deposits with the schemes before the 13 November deadline - now less than a week away - or they risk leaving themselves open to heavy fines as a consequence.”


For details of the Government's announcement see the news release here