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About us

About mydeposits Scotland:

Eddie Hooker CEO

As Chief Executive Officer I’m delighted to welcome you to mydeposits Scotland. We were granted a licence in May 2012 by the Scottish government to run a Tenancy Deposit Scheme after an extensive period of consultation

The new legislation may seem complicated and a burden. My aim, and the aim of all my team, is to support you.

  • We want to ensure that you are able comply with the legislation without complication,
  • that you have confidence in us to hold the deposit money securely
  • and then release back to you and the tenant without delay at the end of the tenancy.


Our deposit protection experience

MyDepositsmy|deposits Scotland is brought to you by my|, an insurance based Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme authorised by the Government to operate a scheme in England and Wales. We have provided deposit protection to over 3,000 letting agents since 2007.