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Are you keeping your tenants informed?

Based on feedback we’ve gathered from our members we have created a series of guides for your tenants to help reduce deposit disputes caused by easily prevented problems.

You may want to pass these guides to tenants, as educating your tenants can save you both time and money and so is mutually beneficial.

Our guides cover common areas in which we often find a deposit dispute occurring at the end of a tenancy, but may not have been aware of at the start of the tenancy, or that may have been prevented.


Get your deposit back – Blu-tack facts

Moving into a new property can be very exciting, and you will want to make it feel like home. It often seems like a good idea to decorate your new home with photos using blu-tack however this can cause damage to the paint when removed. Avoid deposit disputes caused by redecoration by reading our guide on blu-tack. Read the full guide here.



Get your deposit back – Looking after the garden

 If you rent a property with a garden make sure you check your tenancy agreement to see if garden maintenance is your responsibility. If you don’t maintain your garden in line with the tenancy agreement you could face a deduction from your deposit at the end of the tenancy. Read the full guide here.



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