Give your property the spruce up it needs to get occupied as quickly as possible

With spring now well and truly upon us, thousands of us across the country will be gearing up for a good old-fashioned spring clean of our property. But while not everyone will be keen on donning a duster and rubber gloves, undertaking a deep clean of a property could be more important than you think.

For many landlords, spring is the season of change for more reasons than the obvious. With many tenants moving on into new properties at this time of year, the onus is on landlords to get unoccupied properties back into top shape and back into the market. You’re outgoing tenants should have left the property in the same condition they found it but if not you won’t want to be showing prospective tenants around a tired looking property, and a failure to pay attention to detail when cleaning could be making a real difference.

You can always enlist the services of a professional cleaning company but as a helping hand for those of you that prefer to don your marigolds; here are some of our top spring cleaning tips to help put the sparkle back into your property post-occupancy.

The basics

Carpets, walls and kitchen surfaces are three of the most prominent features in any house. Although these are likely to already feature at the top of your spring cleaning list, it’s important to give them a deep and thorough clean – no matter what condition they may currently appear to be in.

From carpet stains hidden away by furniture, to cleverly concealed grimy worktops, don’t ever take the cleanliness of your home at face value. Prioritise checking every corner and crevasse of your home and ensure no stone is unturned in your efforts to fight the filth.

Electric joy

With so much to consider at the end of a tenancy, checking the condition of electrical appliances and items can often fall to the bottom of the list. What might look respectable on the outside upon first inspection however, could prove to be far more sinister on the inside.

Make sure you take real care and attention to not only check the exterior of appliances, but also thoroughly scrutinise the inside of appliances such as:

  • Ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Kettles
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers

As part of your spring clean, also pay careful attention to the condition of plug points. This might not involve removing grime and dirt, but breaks and cracks in plug socket covers are a common occurrence. Damaged plug points can seriously detriment the appearance of an empty room – be sure to replace where necessary.

Deep cleaning

Bathrooms and kitchens can often prove to be a cleaning minefield at the best of times, let alone when you’re undertaking a comprehensive spring clean. But when it comes to tackling these two troublesome parts of a house, it’s crucial to think beyond just sinks and basins.

Take special care to check for any debris, clogs and other elements that could be causing blocks in plug holes. As well as looking unsightly and unhygienic, everything from matted hair to excess food waste can contribute towards unpleasant odours within your house.

If you’re concerned blocked pipes might be causing more than just a stink, consider checking the water pressure – look to turn off your all taps and water-using appliances in your home and fill up a one litre jug with water. If it takes longer than around seven seconds, you may have a serious blockage issue.

Storage hunting

Out with the old and in with the new is one of the key themes of spring and when it comes to cleaning, it’s not all about elbow grease and scouring pads.

In a perfect world, tenants will leave their rented accommodation exactly as they left it. But sometimes that isn’t always the case and many landlords will find they’re left with more than they bargained for come the end of a tenancy.

Always be sure to thoroughly check all cupboards, draws, lofts and attics for any leftover food and possessions that you may have unknowingly missed when tenants have moved out.

Final thought

Spring cleaning your property doesn’t have to be an achingly hard experience. But without a meticulous approach, a failure to do more than a simple once-over could harm your chances of finding new tenants. No matter when you perform a spring clean this season, make sure you set enough time aside to perform the thorough task that your property deserves. 


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