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Scottish cities dominate list of most affordable British cities in which to buy a home

Scotland’s cities are among the most affordable places to live in Britain.

The country takes six places in the UK’s top 20 rankings for cities where the price of a home is low when compared to earnings.

Stirling was Scotland’s most affordable city - with house prices of just 4.4 times average earnings - sharing the top place with Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

The data from Lloyds Bank explained city house prices had outstripped wage increases by 11 per cent, making homes the most unaffordable for buyers since 2007.

Average city house prices, says the report, are £249,233, while wages sit at £34,366, which leaves a property valuation to earnings ratio of 7.2.

In simple terms, that means homes in cities cost 7.2 times annual earnings.

Behind Stirling, the other cities from Scotland in the rankings are Aberdeen (7th), with a 5.0 ratio; Perth (8th) with a 5.1 ratio; Dundee (13th) with a 5.4 ratio; Glasgow (15th) and 5.5, then Inverness (19th) and 5.8.

The least affordable cities are in Southern England. Oxford tops the list with a price to earnings ratio of 12.6. London takes fifth place with a ratio of 10.3.

Andrew Mason, mortgage products director, Lloyds Bank, said: “Buying a home in UK cities remains challenging, as average house prices are outpacing wage growth. However, the market has seen the number of first-time buyers at a high and homeowners are still attracted to cities across the UK, despite rising costs.

“Over the past five years, more than half of northern cities have made the UK top 10 in house price growth, whereas over a longer period, southern cities dominate.”

Besides Londonderry, Northern Ireland had Newry and Belfast in the top six most affordable cities. Swansea (14th/5.5) was the most affordable in Wales and Bradford (4th/4.6) in England.