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Scottish Government advice on how to avoid late application fees

It’s a legal requirement for most private landlords to register with their local authority.  Once registered, this lasts for a period of 3 years.  If you are still operating as a landlord at that end of that period, you should renew your registration.

A late application fee is charged if an application is made, only after the local authority has made two requests for an application to be made.  This applies to landlords who have failed to renew registration and those who have not been registered before.  The fee is currently £130.

In many cases, the fee is charged at renewal due to an oversight by the landlord, rather than a deliberate avoidance of registration.  To help landlords minimise the risk of having to pay a late, please note the following advice from the Scottish Government:

Firstly, if you are required to register but haven’t, please do so! 

  • For those that are registered, renewal reminders are sent by e-mail at 90 days and 30 days before expiration.  This offers a three month window in which to renew your registration without incurring a late fee.
  • Always keep your landlord registration e-mail and contact address details up to date.  E-mail and postal reminders are issued based on the details held in the register.
  • E-mails can sometimes end up in a spam or junk folder.  Please remember to check these mailboxes so that reminder notices aren’t missed.
  • You can easily check your registration expiry date, in a single local authority area or across multiple registrations, using the online system and taking the renew/update journey.  The summary page at the start of the “Your Registration” journey will list all your registrations, expiry dates and let properties.