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Name of guide Description
Deposit protection - the basics What you need to know about your deposit.
Information for Tenants leaflet If your deposit has been lodged with mydeposits Scotland please read this leaflet about who we are and our processes.
Terms and Conditions - 3rd Edition
The current Terms and conditions which all our landlord and agent Users must agree to abide by.
Conditions of Deposit Disputes
A new document designed to guide Users and Tenants through the dispute process.
The deposit release process This leaflet shows the simple processes for getting your deposit back at the end of the tenancy.
The dispute process A guide which explains how the mydeposits Scotland dispute resolution process works.
Negotiating with your landlord or agent  We recommend you meet with your landlord or agent to discuss any issues over deductions to the deposit. This guide offers tips for ensuring your negotiations run smoothly.
Can I withhold rent for property repairs? 
This guide explains the specific conditions when you may be entitled to withhold rent for repairs.
How to get your deposit back - Blu-tack facts Avoid deposit disputes caused by redecoration by reading our 'get your deposit back' guide on blu-tack. 
How to get your deposit back - Garden maintenance  If you rent a property with a garden make sure you check your tenancy agreement to see if garden maintenance is your responsibility. Find out more in our helpful guide. 
Alternative Dispute Resolution - Tenant Guide This guide explains the mydeposits Scotland ADR service for tenants.
A Guide to Deposits, Disputes and Damages An insight into dispute resolution for landlords, letting agents and tenants.


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